A case study of tgi fridays

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A case study of tgi fridays

Introduction TGI Fridays has been established since and is a world renowned restaurant franchise. The restaurant is famed for its casual dining, elaborate drinks and retro antique-filled decor.

Fridays has seen its UK portfolio grow rapidly over that last few years. The history and retro beginning of TGI would prove to be a major keystone in the design of all the chains outlets, including the Telford Restaurant.

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Brick wall tiles are a common feature in most of the TGI Friday outlets and the use of our fantastic Lambeth Mixture brick slips as a core product for this build has definitely paid off. Design So you find yourself sitting at a T.

The brick wall tiles form a stunning feature which acts as the back bone of the entire installation. The use of brick slips throughout the build has created a flawless aged patina which transcends across the whole room.

A case study of tgi fridays

A giant 50ft wall exhibits a bold white wash logo which utilises the brick slips stable and strong surface as a terrific worn canvass. The designers of Fridays Telford have successfully created a warm relaxing venue which has all the comforts we come to expect from the upmarket chain which pride them selves on the full Americana Experience.

Neon lights and glistening glassware flourish the brickwork with a transient palette of lights and shades.

A case study of tgi fridays

Checkerboard floors, chrome clad motorcycles, NBA Basketball hoops and disco mirror balls unite in harmony within this flamboyant design. Product Using brick wall tiles within restaurant refits are now common place and whether its stretcher bond, English bond or herringbone no matter how these stunning tiles are installed they instantly grab your attention.

The Lambeth brick slip is a special mixture which incorporates red and yellow clay bricks in a blend which is meant to emulate the reconstructive materials that were used in post war London.

The Lambeth mixture has a history and a character and most of all the Lambeth mixture has the ability to morph and blend when worked with in various installation methods. The installation of these brick tiles has been worked in with great artistry.

The large mortar marks have been made using the Light grey pointing mortar and were deliberately made to look messy, afterwards wire brushed giving the reclaimed brick look.

A white wash mix was used to paint the large FRIDAY text, highlighted with black outline this holds a real authentic note which rings through the installation.

Buttresses and corners meant that a plentiful supply of Lambeth corners was used throughout the installation giving a convincing brick wall look throughout.

The brick slips were installed using our rapid setting adhesive which is the perfect wall tile adhesive for installations of this scale. We take pride in the fact that every component of of our brick cladding system works harmoniously with each of its counterparts.

The wall tile adhesive we supplied is the best adhesive available for this particular product and has been extensively tested for its application and safety. Result Taking inspiration from its roots and an interior that honours the foundations of its beginnings the Brick slip clad Brickwork forms a crucial component of this fantastic design scheme.

With TGI Fridays grasp of the American diner market growing ever stronger, using our products to help achieve their signature look is something which we are extremely proud of.

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T.G.I. Fridays SWOT Analysis. Strengths. Below is the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) Analysis of T.G.I. Fridays: 1. T.G.I. Fridays is a popular brand name and brand popularity 2. Separate menus for lunch, dinner, fast food and beverages 3.

TGIF . TGI Fridays wanted to create a unique and memorable experience for customers that would increase customer frequency, demonstrate the brand’s innovative mindset, create buzz, and highlight the company’s bar-centric roots.

When US restaurant chain TGI Friday’s came to the UK in , it was famous for its distinctively American atmosphere. But by the mids, the brand had lost its way and when Whitbread sold the operating rights in to a consortium, including the brand’s US owner Carlson and investment bank ABN Amro, a reassessment of the entire .

International Business Lectures - Doing Business in Brazil Prof. Dirceu Tornavoi Carvalho - University of São Paulo Classroom Case Study TGI Friday’s failure in Brazil TGI Friday’s is an American restaurant that, according to the company website, “offers authentic American food.

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TGI Fridays - Telford, Birmingham, UK - Brick Slips