Au juvenile justice systems

Courts and accompanying prosecution and defence lawyers Agencies for detaining and supervising offenders, such as prisons and probation agencies. In the criminal justice system, these distinct agencies operate together as the principal means of maintaining the rule of law within society.

Au juvenile justice systems

Smart Justice challenges Government justice policies on evidence and cost Saturday 1 November The Victorian Government's law and order measures have today been challenged on cost and the lack of evidence supporting their effectiveness by Smart Justice, a coalition of 31 organisations led by the Federation of Community Legal Centres.

September Final abolition of suspended sentences in Victoria the wrong path to community safety, says Smart Justice Monday 1 September - for immediate release.

Au juvenile justice systems

The abolition of suspended sentences in the Magistrates' Court from today will likely see an increase in fines and imprisonment for lower-level offending, worsening prison overcrowding and wasteful prison spending, and undermining community safety, according to the Smart Justice project.

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Further details to follow. March Ombudsman scathing of increasing risk of death and self-harm in Victoria's overcrowded prisons Wednesday 26 March - for immediate release. Findings from the Victorian Ombudsman's investigation into deaths in custody tabled in Parliament today offer a scathing assessment and an urgent warning of the consequences of further unchecked prison overcrowding, according to Smart Justice, a coalition of 29 organisations led by the Federation of Community Legal Centres.

Findings of a new report by the Sentencing Advisory Council have prompted Smart Justice to call on the Victorian Government to delay the abolition of suspended sentences in the Magistrates' Court scheduled to occur in September this year.

December Victorian Ombudsman rejects placing minors in adult prison Thursday 12 December - for immediate releaseJustice advocacy groups Smart Justice and Smart Justice For Young People have welcomed a report by the Victorian Ombudsman calling for a halt to the transfer of children from the youth justice system to adult prison.

The report was tabled in State Parliament today. Click on headline for full story. The facts on tough-on-crime speak for themselves Thursday 5 December A statement by Corrections Minister Edward O'Donohue suggesting that a campaign to solve the prison crisis and boost community safety is politically aligned and not based on facts has been rejected by Smart Justice, a broad-based coalition of 29 organisations led by the Federation of Community Legal Centres.

Click headline for full story. November Spike in Victorian prisoner numbers demands rethink of justice policy 21 November. A spike in prisoner numbers in Victoria revealed by national prison statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today shows that an urgent rethink of government justice policy is needed, says Smart Justice, a coalition of 29 organisations led by the Federation of Community Legal Centres.

Over the last decade, Victoria's prison population has grown by around 48 per cent. The latest figures show that Victoria has added additional prisoners per month over the last four months. The Victorian Government's announcement of plans to double the capacity of the new Ravenhall prison to beds is planning for the wrong future and risks reducing community safety rather than improving it, according to Smart Justice, a coalition of community organisations led by the Federation of Community Legal Centres.

May Growing imprisonment rates an expensive non-solution to community safety The continued growth in Victoria's imprisonment rate detailed in the latest report of the Sentencing Advisory Council will potentially worsen under law-and-order measures yet to come on stream, according to the Smart Justice project, a coalition of organisations led by the Federation of Community Legal Centres.

November Smart Justice calls for ongoing investment in Victoria's Systemic Review of Family Violence Deaths We're calling for ongoing investment in this review to learn more from family violence deaths to prevent future deaths and serious injury. See more on our fact sheet on preventing family violence on our website and consider joining us at the Red Rose Rally in Melbourne on 13 November.

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Details are on the link. August Stalled prison project cause to rethink flawed policy The stalled Ararat prison expansion is cause to rethink the Victorian Government's flawed harsher sentencing policies which are accelerating the rapid, unsustainable growth in Victoria's prison population, according to Smart Justice, a coalition of 24 legal and community organisations led by the Federation of Community Legal Centres.Aboriginal over-representation in South Australia’s juvenile justice system 05 The overarching message from both the literature and the .

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The youth justice system is the set of processes and practices for managing children and young people who have committed, or allegedly committed, an offence.

In Australia, it deals primarily with young people aged 10–17 at the time of the offence, although . 1. Introduction.

The present national authorities and legal system are constituted upon the adoption of the Constitution of Japan in The Constitution contains thirty-three articles relating to human rights and articles providing for the separation of powers vested into three independent bodies: the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.. The National Diet is the bicameral supreme legislative body of Japan. There continues to be a barrage of bad news coming out about juvenile justice systems in Australia and the US. But rather than temporary crackdowns or cosmetic fixes, officials in both countries. This essay provides an overview and analysis of juvenile justice in Australia. It describes the historical background to the establishment of a separate juvenile justice system and the contemporary legislative framework for juvenile justice. The essay examines the most prevalent offenses for which young people come into contact with juvenile justice .

This collection of statistics has been chosen to highlight the current situation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia (hereon referred to as Indigenous peoples) across a range of indicators including: health; education; employment; housing; and contact with criminal justice and welfare systems.

Dr Chellappa is involved in the development of international clinical consultancy activities, especially in the area of clinical care program development, quality systems implementation and utilization of information technology in health care.

Augusto Zimmermann. For years fathers’ groups have complained that whenever they request that fathers should have more time to spend with their children after divorce, feminist groups argue that those children will be exposed to more violence.

Nov 08,  · The major issue I intend to look at it is whether or not we should abolish the juvenile justice system. First, we will look at the position of keeping the current system, why it needs to stay in place, and why in the long run it is the most beneficial to the juvenile.

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