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Business plan pro italiano delight

Sa-Nur Israeli—Palestinian coordination effort, Hermesh and Mevo Dotan in the northwestern West Bank were included in the original disengagement plans,[ citation needed ] but were dropped from the plans in March.

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Sharon said that his plan was designed to improve Israel's security and international status in the absence of political negotiations to end the Israeli—Palestinian conflict.

About nine thousand Israeli residents within Gaza were instructed to leave the area or face eviction by the night of Tuesday August 16, However, Israel later decided to leave the border area, which is now controlled by Egypt and the Palestinians, through the PNA.

Israel will continue to control Gaza's coastline and airspace and reserves the right to undertake military operations when necessary. Egypt will control Gaza's Egyptian border.

Israel will continue to provide Gaza with water, communication, electricity, and sewage networks.

business plan pro italiano delight

That both parties to the agreement, Israel and Palestinians, would upgrade and expand crossings to facilitate the movement of people and goods between Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. Palestinians would be allowed the use of bus and truck convoys to move between Gaza and the West Bank.

Obstacles to movement in the West bank would be lifted. A Palestinian seaport was to be constructed on the Gaza littoral.

A Palestinian airport was considered important by both sides. Israel and Egypt have concluded an agreement under which Egypt can increase the number of police on its side of the border, while the IDF evacuates the Gazan side. The text of the agreement is not yet public.

Execution of the plan Residents protest during the forced evacuation of the Israeli community Kfar Darom. Residents protest against the evacuation of the Israeli community Kfar Darom. August 18, A group of residents refuses to evacuate the Israeli settlement Bedolach. The aim of the operation was to give the Gush Katif settlers the option to leave voluntarily.

IDF soldiers helped the settlers who chose to do so by packing their belongings and carrying them. During the operation, soldiers went into settlers' homes and presented them with removal decrees.

In addition, the IDF arranged crews of social nurses, psychologists, and support to youths. On April 8,Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said that Israel should consider not demolishing the evacuated buildings in the Gaza Strip, with the exception of synagogues due to fears of their potential desecration, which eventually did occur[33] since it would be more costly and time consuming.

This contrasted with the original plan by the Prime Minister to demolish all vacated buildings. On May 9, the beginning of the evacuation of settlements was officially postponed from July 20 until August 15, so as to not coincide with the Jewish period of The Three Weeks and the fast of Tisha B'Avtraditionally marking grief and destruction.

On July 13, Sharon signed the closure order of Gush Katifmaking the area a closed military zone. From that point on, only residents who presented Israeli ID cards with their registered address in Gush Katif were permitted to enter.

Permits for 24—48 hours were given to select visitors for a few weeks before the entire area was completely sealed off to non-residents.

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Despite this ban, opponents of the disengagement managed to sneak in by foot through fields and bare soil. Estimates range from a few hundred to a few thousand people for those there illegally at that time. At one point, Sharon contemplated deploying Israel Border Police Magav forces to remove non-residents, but decided against it, as the manpower requirement would have been too great.

At midnight between August 14 and 15, the Kissufim crossing was shut down, and the Gaza Strip became officially closed for entrance by Israelis. The evacuation by agreement continued after midnight of the August 17 for settlers who requested a time extension for packing their things.

The Gush Katif Municipal Council threatened to unilaterally declare independence, citing the Gaza Strip 's internationally disputed status and Halacha as a foundation. On August 15, the evacuation commenced under the orders of Maj.

Dan Harel of the Southern Command. Although many settlers chose to leave peacefully, others were forcibly evicted, while some attempted to block buses and clashed with security forces. The evacuations of six settlements then commenced as 14, Israeli soldiers and police officers forcibly evicted settlers and "mistanenim" infiltrators.

They went house to house, ordering settlers to leave and breaking down the doors of those who did not.

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There were scenes of troops dragging screaming and sobbing families from houses and synagogues, but with less violence than expected. Some of the soldiers were also observed sobbing, and there were instances of soldiers joining settlers in prayer before evicting them.

Some settlers lit their homes on fire as they evacuated so as to leave the Palestinians nothing. Settlers blocked roads, lit fires, and pleaded with soldiers to disobey orders.

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One West Bank settler set herself on fire in front of a Gaza checkpoint, and in Neve Dekalima group of fifteen American Orthodox Jews barricaded themselves in a basement and threatened to light themselves on fire.

Residents and their supporters strung up barbed wire fences around the area, and security forces cut their way in.

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Some settlers barricaded themselves in the local synagogue, while another group barricaded themselves on the roof with barbed wire, and pelted security forces with various objects.1.

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