Classroom behavior management essays

Classroom management The strategy of management adopted to positively manage a classroom is recognized as a precondition for effectiveness in teaching Shimahara a.

Classroom behavior management essays

Leave a comment Behavior Management Essay This essay was written this past semester. Similar to the bullying essay, it may be helpful, but the bibliography has some great resources. Handling Behavior Issues Most Successfully and Affectively Disruptive behavior and discipline problems are some of the top concerns of school staff and community members today Sugai, How do schools approach school discipline?

What is their philosophy around behavior reform? How does this trickle down to teachers in the classroom? Problems with classroom management are some of the most common reasons new teachers leave their jobs Sugai, 37; Ismail, This paper aims to answer some of these questions and provide some insight as to the most effective means of behavior and classroom management.

First it will discuss some common classroom problems and where those problems may come from. Next some possible solutions and approaches to how a teacher might handle problems within the classroom are suggested.

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Finally an exploration of two different schoolwide approaches to behavioral issues provided. These behaviors can pop up in many different forms such as lack of motivation, rule breaking, unwillingness to follow routines, lack of interaction in the classroom, and behavioral issues Ismail, The cause of these issues can come from students or teachers and most often arise from where the two meet in the middle.

One of the most prevalent causes of classroom misbehavior is family related issues Ismail, These family related issues can also be broken down into smaller more specific categories depending on where an individual might live.

Interestingly, how these problems are manifested in the classroom noisy talking, inappropriate movement, disturbing friends, etcdespite their cause, are similar across the world Ismail, Some factors having to do with the student themselves in the moment of disruption may include age, gender, time of day, part of the lesson being taught, seating arrangement, learning activity, and subject matter Ismail One of the largest factors that affect misbehaviors is the environment that the teacher establishes in the classroom Margutti, Disruptions are often found during a transitional period between activities when structure and order from the teacher are lacking Margutti, With these problems in mind, there are several ways teachers can improve the way they establish classroom environment and handle behavioral issues that can make for a less disruptive classroom atmosphere.

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Also, many classroom ecologists emphasize how an activity is planned, organized, and executed will often dictate what behavior in the classroom is like Walter, For example, project-based work often helps to motivate students making them more engaged in class and less likely to act out Ismail, A problem that affects student engagement that a teacher might not be able to control, but should be aware of is class size Ismail, It is much harder to manage and catch every behavioral issue in a class with a large amount of students Ismail, When it is necessary to reprimand students, a teacher should keep more towards the instructional end of how that student could improve their behavior as oppose to simply accusing the student of committing an inappropriate behavior for most positive results Margutti, Expressing disappointment over anger is also a more effective approach Margutti, However, the teacher must express why they are disappointed by explicitly detailing what action disappointed them Margutti, ; The strategy of management adopted to positively manage a classroom is recognized as a precondition for effectiveness in teaching (Shimahara a).

The researcher of this essay focuses on understanding and explaining of the various approaches of classroom management, discussing of the organizations and planning that were keys to effective classroom management combined with practical behavior from the teacher and increased levels of student’s participations.

Praise is the most overused behaviour management tactic in the classroom (Muijs & Reynolds, , pp. ). Teachers also use a lot of different rewards in order to strengthen desirable behavior.

Rewards can be stickers, happy faces that children wear or stick in a specially designed table of prizes.

Classroom behavior management essays

- Classroom Management Plan Establishing a well-organized plan for classroom management, at the beginning of the year, is essential for a peaceful and calm classroom that is conducive to instruction and learning for students with a variety of academic, social, and behavior needs.

The strategy of management adopted to positively manage a classroom is recognized as a precondition for effectiveness in teaching (Shimahara a).

Essay Implications of Classroom Management. Implications for Classroom Management Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management Phedelia Singleton Grand Canyon University EDU Classroom Engagement and Management December 21, Ethics is a word for human behavior which includes classroom behavior.

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