Dark night of the soul summary

The flame of love was burning in my breast And by a lantern bright I fled my house while all in quiet rest Shrouded by the night And by the secret stair I quickly fled The veil concealed my eyes While all within lay quiet as the dead.

Dark night of the soul summary

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Dark night of the soul summary

Lately we have seen so may disasters that compassion fatigue has set in. There are times when everything seems to happen at once. People lose their jobs, a loved one passes, people leave and health challenges come.

For many among us now is indeed one of those times. We hurt, grieve, wonder and it can all seem overwhelming.

The record in Matthew He had preached His last public sermon and performed His last miracle. He also had celebrated the last Passover with His disciples. But infinitely more important than that, He had come to be the last and ultimate Passover Lamb, the perfect and only sacrifice for the sins of His people.

Ever and always the teacher, Jesus used even this struggle with the enemy in the garden the night before the cross to teach the disciples and every future believer a lesson about facing severe trial.

The Lord not only was preparing Himself for the cross but also, by His example, preparing His followers for the crosses He calls them to bear in His name Matt. As William Barclay points out, the owner of Gethsemane, like the owner of the donkey on which Jesus rode into Jerusalem and the owner of the upper room, was a nameless friend who ministered to the Lord during His final hours.

In a world of pain and disappointment, there needs to be an oases of love and acceptance. There our Lord Jesus began his passion; there it pleased the Lord to bruise him, and crush him, that fresh oil might flow to all believers from him, that we might partake of the root and fatness of that good Olive.

Complete and unabridged in one volume Mt It is likely that the garden was fenced or walled and had an entrance, perhaps even a gate. Jesus asked His disciples to sit at the entrance and keep Him from being disturbed while He went into the garden to pray. They knew they were at a crisis point, and, like their Lord, they should have seen it as a time for deep concern and fervent prayer.

But there is no indication that they uttered a single breath of prayer, no hint that they called on the Father to strengthen them. In smug self-confidence, they still thought of themselves as loyal, dependable, and invincible. Like many believers throughout the history of the church, they foolishly mistook their good intentions for strength.

The sinless Son of God felt a desperate need for communion with His heavenly Father, but His sinful, weak disciples, as so often they do today, felt no desperation about their weakness and vulnerability.Dark Night Of The Soul describes the painful experiences and their significance on the spiritual journey of St.

John. The dark night is perceived by mystics and practicing monks from several religions to be a blessing in disguise, whereby the individual is stripped (in the dark night of the senses) of the spiritual ecstasy associated with acts.

“The dark night of the soul” is what St. John of the Cross describes as “purgative contemplation,” in which God specifically darkens a person’s will, intellect, and senses in order to test the authenticity of one’s love for God.

Nov 11,  · DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL [] INTRODUCTION []. SOMEWHAT reluctantly, out of respect for a venerable tradition, we publish the Dark Night as a separate treatise, though in reality it is a continuation of the Ascent of Mount Carmel and fulfils the undertakings given in it: The first night or purgation is of the sensual part of the soul, which is treated in the present stanza, and will be treated .

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Argumentative essay about abortion pdf ralph waldo emerson. dark night of the soul INTRODUCTION SOMEWHAT reluctantly, out of respect for a venerable tradition, we publish the Dark Night as a separate treatise, though in reality it is a continuation of the Ascent of Mount Carmel and fulfils the undertakings given in it.

In his twelfth book, the author observes that the sadness, confusion, frustration, pain, suffering, loneliness, and loss that many people experience during a dark night of the soul can be.

Understanding the ‘dark night of the soul’