Egg drop ap physics

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Egg drop ap physics

Egg drop ap physics

The paper is full of assertions that conflict with what we know about protons and black holes. You can check out my analysis of that paper here if you want — I'm very open to challenges if you feel I've made any errors or false assumptions.

I think it's pretty watertight. The force between protons Please bear with me on this one, it's nothing complicated. Haramein's calculation of the force that holds two protons together in a nucleus, using his theory, gives a force of 7.


To see why this is silly, all you need to do is look at what a dyne is, and try to find something comparable. Haramein's result is more than a million million million million times bigger than either of these forces! How can this be the force holding protons together?

You can separate protons from a nucleus by tapping them with a tiny electron in a small accelerator. The issue here is not so much that he got something wrong, but that he is capable of presenting a theory in all seriousness that gives results that are so far from reality without even stopping to notice.

If you're trying to present a theory that's supposed to represent reality, surely you would ensure that you a understand what your answers mean, and b take every opportunity to compare them with the real world?

This isn't the only example — There are many others. He also tells us that every atom of our body contains protons which have a mass of million tonnes each. That ought to raise a few very heavy eyebrows too. Introducing the theory to the world: He's literally mathematically proved it!

Below is a clip in which Haramein introduces The Schwarzschild Proton theory at a "free energy" conference in He goes on to say that he has some "new material which solves the equation that proves — literally, mathematically proves — that every single atom you're made of is a mini black hole.

He does make some vague claims in it, but nowhere does he even mention 'proving' anything whatsoever. So why is he saying these things? Is he blind enough to actually believe he's proved something, or is he deliberately misleading? If you skip to 6: But what he says next explains why he wants to so badly: If you have results, you don't need to fabricate an equation for them — just present the results.Oct 31,  · In my AP Physics class, we are doing an experiment where we drop an egg from a window about 20 feet up and have to catch it with some sort of.

The egg drop experiment is perfect for learning about gravity and about how materials Lesson Background and Concepts: The egg drop project involves several physics concepts that we have studied in class and other concepts that you will have to research.

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Egg Drop Experiment | AP Physics C: Mechanics