Essay for population growth

We believe that human population increased after World War II when the population of less developed nations began to accelerate dramatically. As a result, world population entered the twentieth century with approximately 1. In the next 50 years the annual growth will take place in the less developed countries Asia, Africa, and Latin America whose population growth rates are much higher than those in more developed countries. In some European countries population rates are negative Hungary, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine and others.

Essay for population growth

Under the leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany has opened its borders to large numbers of migrants, including many Muslim refugees seeking asylum from war and unrest in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. Altogether, Germany received a total of about 1. This figure excludes an additionalasylum seekers whose applications for asylum have been rejected or are expected to be rejected, based on past approval rates.

Similar patterns are expected in the future. This is because Muslims in Germany are considerably younger than non-Muslims — with median ages of 31 and 47, respectively, in — and because Muslim women have more children 1. This is smaller than the projected Muslim populations in this scenario in the United Kingdom In this scenario, Germany would have the largest Muslim population in Europe at midcentury.

The high migration scenario perhaps best corresponds to the last year in Germany, because a large volume of applications for asylum continued to arrive after mid the end of the time period analyzed in this report.

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However, recent policy shifts have made the high scenario less realistic in the future; an EU agreement with Turkey has slowed the influx of refugees to mainland Europe, and the German government has taken steps to limit future flows. Migrants who had arrived via buses chartered by Austrian authorities walk toward the border with Germany near Fuchsoedt, Austria, in October According to a German police spokesman, approximately 6, migrants were arriving daily at the time, just in the area of southeastern Bavaria near the city of Passau.

But most do not see this as an acute threat: People in several other European countries — including Greece, Hungary and Poland — are more inclined to see refugees from Iraq and Syria as a major threat.

Most Germans also see Muslims in their country in a positive light: At the same time, there is widespread uncertainty about integration.In biology or human geography, population growth is the increase in the number of individuals in a population..

Global human population growth amounts to around 83 million annually, or % per year.

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The global population has grown from 1 billion in to billion in It is expected to keep growing, and estimates have put the total population at billion by mid, billion.

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Essay for population growth

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Essay for population growth

From sociological point of view – population simply means number of people, living at a particular area (country/region) at a particular time. The current human population growth is something unprecedented in the history of the world. Essay on World Population Growth Nowadays demographers believe the number of population can rise to more than 9 billion in the next 50 years.

We believe that human population increased after World War II when the population of less developed nations began to accelerate dramatically.

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Even with no new migration, Muslims are projected to increase as a share of Europe's population. - Population Growth Of Yeast And Effects Of Various Substrates On This Population Growth Plan: 1.

Introduction; Yeast is a unicellular fungus which reproduces asexually by budding or division, as in the case of the genus Saccharomyces, which is important in fermentation in food (walker, ).

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