Giordano marketing mix positioning segmentation

In the first question, it will explain about Giordano Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The strength of Giordano is many people known about the brand, so it become a well known brand, they also have value for money strategy, because they know that value is more important than others, in this strategy they try to find a way to sell cheaper and it affordable for every customer and it more convenience for the customer. They also very careful in choosing the supplier and they will not increase the price if it is not necessary. They also offer a high level customer satisfaction by providing professional employee that already been train to be an intrapreneurs to become the best service.

Giordano marketing mix positioning segmentation

The material from Giordano is so soft and so convenient to be used. The fiber of the material can absorb the sweat and if u use the product, u will the proud because you use the product. The quality for the products of Giordano is world quality with their mid priced to compare with the competitors of Giordano.

Material of Giordano is not easy to be changed the shape.

Giordano marketing mix positioning segmentation

So the shape not too different from first buying until now. Form the smallest size until the biggest size. That certain size usually not provide in all the other retail outlet but Giordano provide that size to satisfy the customer.

This size will help the customer who have the small body or a big body therefore from that, people who have like them can use Giordano product too. Giordano is targeting the unisex casual clothes so the male or female can use the product.

As the fact, Casual clothes can not be decline by updating mode and casual clothes can be use for all the range of ages. Giordano clothes is fashionable too. Giordano has a good Infrastructure — allows for ease of distribution nationally and internationally.

It proved that Giordano product is east to buy in everywhere. Because of the good infrastructure Giordano will strong in finance.

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The employees of the Giordano has got training to be a good employees for Giordano therefore the employees of Giordano has a good knowledge to explain to customers what is the product sell. Before the employees received, the company make the tightly selection for their customer. Weakness Giordano not make website for certain country yet.

Actually the customer for that certain country have a lot of customers. This inconvenient will reduce the satisfaction of the customer in certain country to get the information about the product that Giordano sell. For a certain customers in Indonesia the price is quite expensive. The different currency will effect the buying effort.

Quality of service in each country is different.

My Blog: Introduction To Marketing “GIORDANO MARKETING ANALYSIS” Strength Giordano has received awards such as:
Implication in Business InGiordano started in Hong Kong selling casual clothes manufactured predominantly for the United States market by a Hong Kong—based manufacturer, the Comitex Group. Initially, Giordano focused on wholesale trade of high-margin merchandise under the Giordano brand in Hong Kong.
CASE STUDY OF STRATEGY AND TACTICS TAKEN BY GIORDANO TO ENTER GLOBAL MARKET InGiordano started in Hong Kong selling casual clothes manufactured predominantly for the United States market by a Hong Kong—based manufacturer, the Comitex Group.
Product Positioning and the marketing mix Market Segmentation and Marketing Mix Definition Of Market Segmentation It is the process of dividing an entire market up into different customers segment or the division of customers into distinct groups where firms will identify those parts or section of the market that they can serve better. Market segmentation helps firms or organization to reach target customers with the most appropriate marketing strategy.

Not have the standardize for the product quality. Incase the tagline for Giordano is good morning or good afternoon Giordano. Actually the tagline is the special feature for Giordano than the other competitors.

Giordano can do other innovation to their product because the casual product will use in all the times.

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Because has a good strength for their finance and the company rapidly growth to the market, it will invite the investor to joint the stock for the Giordano.

It will make the Giordano more famous than before they did. Hi technology and hi economy can make Giordano expand the product more better than before. The quality of the product can be expand too with that hi technology.

Because that hi technology too can make the production can be efficient. It will make the production will be done in shorter time, there fore Giordano can allocate their money to promotion.

As we know Giordano is a global brand, if we open a new branch of Giordano, it will gain the profit quickly. Because people have already known what is the product Giordano sell, the quality, and the image too.The marketing mix strategies that are followed by the Giordano for the existing market should not be the same for new markets where the company is willing to enter.

The marketing mix strategies mainly deal with arrangements of the 4 Ps’. Connecting positioning and the marketing mix.


Product positioning goals must be supported by the full marketing mix. Although positioning reflects the target market’s understanding (perception) of the product, it cannot be achieved through the IMC/promotional mix only.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) are the three vital components of a firm’s strategic marketing efforts. Organisations, in their endeavour to create a space for themselves in the market, may devise revolutionary products or services.

Positioning Creating a concept of Giordano in the mind of members of identified target audience that is the positioning of Giordano. The positioning of Giordano in other competitor, Such as esprit that can be positioning have same quality value for money with Giordano, but 5/5(1).

Zzzleepandgo - SEGMENTATION, TARGETING AND POSITIONING Today, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) is a familiar strategic approach in Modern Marketing. The STP model was useful for us to create marketing communications plans.

However, it is also essential for franchisor to determine the geographic location, or namely, center positioning of the franchisees, in order to increase the profit and market share.

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