Global warming a growing concern among the experts

Forest Service Tens of millions of trees have died in the Rocky Mountains over the past 15 years, victims of a climate-driven triple assault of tree-killing insects, wildfires, and stress from heat and drought. Costly and growing health impacts Photo: Rising temperatures will likely lead to increased air pollutiona longer and more intense allergy seasonthe spread of insect-borne diseasesmore frequent and dangerous heat wavesand heavier rainstorms and flooding.

Global warming a growing concern among the experts

The survey, conducted May 18 to June 16, also reveals that majorities in 23 of 25 countries agree that protecting the environment should be given priority, even at the cost of slower economic growth and job losses.

Global Concern about Climate Change, Broad Support for Limiting Emissions

And many are willing to make sacrifices, such as having to pay higher prices, to address global warming. Concern about climate change is much less pervasive in the United States, China and Russia than among other leading nations. A smaller ideological split exists in Germany, France and Spain.

While there is agreement around the world that climate change is a serious problem, there is much less international consensus as to which country is most trusted to do the right thing on this issue.

Moreover, concern about global warming is low among the publics of some big polluters — including the U. Only about four-in-ten in the U. Concern about changes in the global climate has increased in many countries since — including the three Middle Eastern countries of Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

While anxieties about global warming remain mostly widespread, some publics are less worried than they were in — especially in Turkey, Poland and Japan. Prioritizing the Environment Not only are respondents in many countries expressing concern over the issue of global warming, but beliefs are widespread that sacrifices may need to be made to protect the environment.

In three nations that have enjoyed strong economic growth in recent years — India, China and Brazil — agreement on this issue is nearly universal.

Agreement on this issue has decreased in several countries. Pay More to Address Climate Change? While solid majorities in most countries say the environment should be a priority, even at the expense of economic growth, there is less of a consensus regarding whether people should pay higher prices to deal with climate change.

Agreement on this issue is widespread in many of the Asian nations surveyed. Germany stands out as the most trusted country among the publics in Western Europe. Publics in India and Brazil believe their own country can be trusted to do the right thing in dealing with this environmental issue.

In no other countries do majorities or pluralities cite India or Brazil as the most trusted.Global warming is already having significant and harmful effects on our communities, our health, and our climate.

Sea level rise is accelerating. The number of large wildfires is growing. It’s a growing concern among international scientific bodies, as tensions grow between the modeled scenarios involving “negative emissions” and newer research.

According to the poll, concerns about global warming have increased among all party groups since , though concerns remain much higher among Democrats than Republicans and Independents.

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As our new paper shows, when you ask the climate experts, the consensus on human-caused global warming is between 90% and %, with several studies finding 97% consensus among . Sep 27,  · Those moves have stoked fears among the scientific community that Trump, who has called the notion of man-made climate change “a hoax” and vowed to .

Jul 12,  · On Experts and Global Warming. By Gary Gutting July 12, Another requirement is that there be a consensus among the experts about points relevant to our discussion. Precisely because we are not experts, we are in no position to adjudicate disputes among those who are.

Global warming a growing concern among the experts
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