Grant proposal 2 essay

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Grant proposal 2 essay

Grant chose two close friends for important posts: Washburne for Secretary of State and John A. Grant proposal 2 essay as Secretary of War. Washburne was replaced by conservative New York statesman Hamilton Fish. Rawlins died in office after serving only a few months, replaced by William W.

Stewartwho was found ineligible and replaced by Representative George S. Boutwella Massachusetts Radical Republican. Borie was appointed Secretary of Navy, who was reluctant to accept, soon resigned due to poor health and was replaced by a relative unknown, George M.

Robesona former brigadier general. Sumner followed his own foreign policy and detested Grant's practice of nepotism in making political appointments.

Hinsdale, described the Grant Administration as "a most extraordinary array of departures from the normal course" and a "military" rule, in close connection with a select Republican Senatorial group. The Tenure of Office Act was passed by Congress insponsored by Radical Republicans, to curb the power of the President Andrew Johnson in making government office appointments.

The controversial law had been invoked during the impeachment trial of Johnson in On March 5,a bill was brought before Congress to repeal the act, but Senator Charles Sumner was opposed, unwilling to give Grant a free hand in making appointments.

Grant, to bolster the repeal effort, declined to make any new appointments except for vacancies, until the law was overturned, thus, agitating political office seekers to pressure Congress to repeal the law.

Under national pressure for governmental reform, a compromise was reached and a new bill was passed that allowed the President to have complete control over removing his own cabinet, however, government appointees needed the approval of Congress within a thirty-day period.

Grant, who did not desire a party split over the matter, signed the bill; afterward, he received criticism for not getting a full repeal of the law. The unpopular measure was completely repealed in Reconstruction era of the United States During Reconstruction, Freedmen freed slaveswere given the vote by Congress and became active in state politics; fourteen were elected to Congress.

In state government they were never governor but did become lieutenant governors or secretaries of state.

Grant proposal 2 essay

They formed the voting base of the Republican party along with some local whites called " Scalawags " and new arrivals from the North called " Carpetbaggers ".

Most Southern whites opposed the Republicans; they called themselves "Conservatives" or " Redeemers ". Grant repeatedly took a role in state affairs; for example on December 24,he established federal military rule in Georgia and restored black legislators who had been expelled from the state legislature.

However, historian Mark Summers in has argued that: Grant appointed Amos T. Akerman as Attorney General and Benjamin H. Bristow as America's first Solicitor General. In the first few years of Grant's first term in office, there were indictments against Klan members with over convictions from the Department of Justice.

Bythere were indictments and convictions with most only serving brief sentences while the ringleaders were imprisoned for up to five years in the federal penitentiary in Albany, New York.

The result was a dramatic decrease in violence in the South. Akerman gave credit to Grant and told a friend that no one was "better" or "stronger" than Grant when it came to prosecuting terrorists.

Williamsin Decembercontinued to prosecute the Klan throughout until the Spring of during Grant's second term in office. This revised an earlier law, the Naturalization Act of that only allowed white persons of good moral character to become U.

The law also prosecuted persons who used fictitious names, misrepresentations, or identities of deceased individuals when applying for citizenship. Force Act ofForce Act ofand Ku Klux Klan To add enforcement to the 15th Amendment, Congress passed an act that guaranteed the protection of voting rights of African Americans; Grant signed the bill, known as the Force Act of into law on May 31, This law was designed to keep the Redeemers from attacking or threatening African Americans.

This act placed severe penalties on persons who used intimidation, bribery, or physical assault to prevent citizens from voting and placed elections under Federal jurisdiction.

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On March 20, Grant told a reluctant Congress the situation in the South was dire and federal legislation was needed that would "secure life, liberty, and property, and the enforcement of law, in all parts of the United States.The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

Democracy is a tender topic for a writer: like motherhood and apple pie it is not to be criticized. One will risk being roundly condemned if he, or she, points out the serious bottleneck that is presented when a community attempts, through the democratic process, to set plans for positive social action.

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