Human resource management and organisational performance

Excel, Word, Power point Strong interpersonal, communication and influencing skills Strong team player and ability to work cross-functionally in a matrix organisation. The company distributes and supports construction machines, power systems and material-handling equipment.

Human resource management and organisational performance

According to a study, employees who are motivated or feel motivated are tend to work more when compared to unmotivated to employees. We have listed major factors that motivates employees.

Pay and benefits having justified payment is the right of an employee for the work done to his or her employer and payment of salary or wage is the fundamental duty of employer. Having handsome salary motivates employees, indeed it acts as a retention factor also.

Employee benefits are additional to the salary of employees, employee benefits are classified into voluntary benefits and statutory benefits which include social security benefits which are compulsorily provided to employees.

Few examples of employee benefits are paid vacations, free food, dependent benefit, medical benefit, maternity benefit, paternity benefit, payment of bonus, payment of gratuity and provident fund. Working conditions Maintaining and providing good working conditions not only motivates employees but also prevents employee from facing legal action by the court of law as they are mandatory according to labour laws.

Good working conditions includes providing flexible timings to work, giving correct workload to avoid stress, maintaining healthy environment and HR manager s should see that there is work life balance to their employees. Having all those will definitely motivates employees to work efficiently and also avoids distraction from work.

Company policies whatever the Human resource management and organisational performance policies made by an organisation, they should not be in conflict with the labour laws and principles of natural justice.

The very purpose of having policies or making policies is only for making employees feel comfortable and to treat them undiscriminating. Having good company policies will drive employees to dedicate themselves to the organisation and to reach its goals and objectives.

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It is all because of the pride one will feel working in such organisations and keep employees motivated. Employees in order to retain and have foothold in such organisations, one will try to stay motivated and it is effort and is job. Building employers brand and reputation is a continuous process in which organisation should try to be best in all aspects compared to its competitors.

Career development Career development or career growth is one of the top 10 motivating factors for employees.

No employee wants to retain in same position in a job for a long time, he or she wants to move forward or higher-level in their career by taking promotions in-time, which makes any employee feel happy and motivated as taking promotion in a job is most happiest and memorable moment for any employee.

Besides HR manager s should give opportunity to their employees to develop their skill set and knowledge for career development. Job security Job security standards in the top list of preference of employees. For any employee job security is the first and foremost important factor before taking up any job.

Having job security in a job will make an employee to overlook all other benefits. The sense of security in job will develop confidence in employees which will make themselves to push forward while handling critical in tough situations in the job, in other words job security acts as a motivating factor.

Healthy relationships Consisting of good relationships with superiors and colleagues in organisation is a priority for any employee since improper communication and misunderstandings with superiors and colleagues lead to psychological stress which makes employees demotivated and shows effect on work life.

Having healthy relationships with superiors and colleagues will help and have support in getting things done easily and also keep employees happy at work that boosts their energy levels and make them to stay motivated. Welfare, healthy and safety measures Maintaining welfare, healthy and safety measures of employees is not just function but they are mandatory to maintain by the human resource management department.

Failure of performing said functions or failure of maintaining said measures, organisation shall be liable for penal action by the law. Labour Relations Maintaining labour relation is an art and one of the most important functions of human resource management in order to maintain peace and harmony in an organization for avoiding conflicts and smooth running of an organisation.

There are no hard and fast rules for maintaining labour relations since it is an art and should be managed according to the situations and circumstances.

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Without maintaining proper labour relationships there was no organization that did its business smoothly. Unions are organisation of employees who join together to obtain more voice in decisions affecting wages, benefits, working conditions, and other aspects of employment. With regard to labour relations, the personnel responsibility primarily involves negotiating with the unions regarding wages, service conditions, and resolving disputes and grievances.

Record-keeping The oldest and most basic human resource management function is employee record-keeping.

Human resource management and organisational performance

This function involves recording, maintaining, and retrieving employee related information for a variety of purposes. Records which must be maintained include application forms, health and medical records, employment history jobs held, promotionstransferslay-offsseniority lists, earnings and hours of work, absences, turnover, tardiness, and other employee data.

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Complete and up-to-date employee records are essential for most personnel functions. More than ever employees today have a great interest in their personnel records. They want to know what is in them, why certain statements have been made, and why records may or may not have been updated. Personnel records provide the following: A guide to the action to be taken regarding an employee, particularly by comparing him with other employees.

A guide when recruiting a new employee, e. A historical record of previous action taken regarding employees.The following is a list of the most cited articles based on citations published in the last three years, according to CrossRef. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on the recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in .

We describe why human resource management (HRM) decisions are likely to have an important and unique influence on organizational performance.

Our hope is that this research forum will help advance research on the . Human Resource Management is the process of recruiting, selecting, inducting employees, providing orientation, imparting training and development, appraising the performance of employees, deciding compensation and providing benefits, motivating employees, maintaining proper relations with employees and their trade unions, .

Human Resource Management and Organisational Performance Does HRM lead to improved organisational performance? Cathrine Byremo Master’s Thesis in Organisation, Leadership and Work. The Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management focuses on developing HR leaders by stimulating critical thinking and focusing on innovations in this field.

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