Odd nerdrum essay on kitsch

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Odd nerdrum essay on kitsch

Overcoming the Germanification of Europe April, A student of mine met an old art collector at an art fair. The painter bid him humbly welcome, and, with heavy breath, the collector entered the studio. Those old looking pictures… Is that what you wanted to show me?

Yes…, replied the proud young painter. But this is not art… have you fooled me all the way up here to see those dark paintings… those sad faces? The painter stood silent, shocked.

The old man was fooled, but by whom? Most people are of the opinion that the French artist Paul Cezanne found everything in himself. In a painting, the depiction of a shoelace was to have as much importance as the human eye.

Where did these ideas come from? Who instructed the modern artist to paint like a child? In the Critique of Judgment, Kant searched for truth in the beauty of art. A silent beauty, with no reference to anything, 2 was the ideal for him.

So if, for example, you were a composer studying Beethoven, you would not imitate his music, but his coffee habits. The cultural life of France is enlightened by the thoughts of German idealists, such as G.

During the Romantic era, the Germans began to develop the idea that they were the true culture bearers of the world. It was also the philosophy of this time which made Art, or as it is called nowadays: Since its birth in the 18th century, Art had developed more a concern for theological commands and less for philosophy.

To understand the basis of the idea behind abstract art, witness the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. For pop art, witness the philosophy of Hegel. Here are some of them: When a piece of work is not new, it is without value. That an artist that can lead the way into the future.

That he is ahead of his time. That an artist always renews himself. You cannot be yourself and at the same time be a follower of your time.

The truth is that our time has, since the world wars of the previous century, remained in silence about the philosophical origin of the term art.

History of Art — Sociology — History of Ideas — Philosophy — History — Psychology — all the so called half meta-physical subjects are entirely in the spirit of Immanuel Kant.

It is difficult to imagine a world unlike the Western world, in which many of us are born into. But there did exist a culture prior to the germanification of the West in the 19th and 20th century, and this world was crowned with poetry.

The ancient Greek culture is the greatest miracle achieved on earth in human history as we know it.Odd Nerdrum has always identified with these values. In the manner of classical kitsch criticism, he has thus been reproached for his concern with past masters and sentimental, pathos-filled images.

Reading Hermann Broch´s essays on kitsch represented an immediate identification on Nerdrum´s part. Second Horizon: The Changing Vision of Odd Nerdrum but rather a kitsch painter. His philosophy of kitsch, which turns the accepted definition of the term on its head, embraces technical skill, the application of archetypal themes, mystery, and the stripping away of the masks of modernity.

While this essay will focus mainly on the. Odd Nerdrum and kitsch In , Odd Nerdrum read Hermann Broch's essay on kitsch, which describes the kitsch producer as someone solely concerned with effect, negligent of his own time and concerned with learning from past masters.

[10]. The first thing that strikes me about this book, aside from the paintings themselves, is the illuminating essay by Richard Vine.

Mr. Vine, who also penned the essay for "Odd Nerdrum: The Drawings", is unique among those art critics who contemplate the nature of Nerdrum's work and philosophy/5(10). Tenebrism in the painting of Odd Nerdrum from to by JOHAN CONRADIE Study Leader: Dr E Dreyer This essay is subject to regulation G of the University of Pretoria and may in no circumstances be reproduced as a whole or in part without a written consent of the University.

Nerdrum uses tenebrism as a kitsch .

Odd nerdrum essay on kitsch

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