Proc 5840 negotiations midterm case analysis

Statement of the Case This unfair labor practice case is before the Authority on exceptions to the attached decision of the Administrative Law Judge filed by the General Counsel.

Proc 5840 negotiations midterm case analysis

Students examine the functional roles of those individuals having responsibility in this area.

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The course includes discussion of acquisition law, operations management, pricing, negotiations, and logistics. Systems management, life-cycle acquisition, and project management as a multifunction managerial and systems concept are examined.

PROC Acquisitions Management 3 Students examine the theory and practice of acquisitions management and the control of materials in a business enterprise. Engineering, production, marketing, finance, transportation, warehousing, and inventory control and the relationship of these activities to the acquisitions management function are investigated.

PROC Professional Seminars Students participate in seminars designed to examine contemporary issues in procurement and acquisitions management. The professional seminar supplements the core and elective courses in the area of procurement and acquisitions management by focusing on issues of current and special interest.

Course may be repeated for credit if content differs. Graduate students may apply a maximum of 3 credit hours of these seminars as electives to meet the credit-hour requirements for graduation.

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This course may not be completed by directed study. Students review the Uniform Commercial Code as it relates to acquisitions and basic contract law.

Proc 5840 negotiations midterm case analysis

PROC Operations Management 3 Needs assessments are translated into facilities procedures and operating methodologies. PROC Pricing 3 The student reviews the competitive and financial environment related to price proposals utilizing the techniques of cost and price analysis, life-cycle costing, return on investment, and cost-benefit analysis.

PROC Negotiations 3 The course involves scope, strategies, and objectives related to negotiated acquisitions.

The preparation, conduct, and documentation of the negotiation process are included. PROC Logistics 3 The student reviews the area of physical distribution management, including warehouse management and layout, transportation, and customer service.

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PROC Government Contracting 3 Students will examine contracting, focusing on complex, non-commercial acquisitions. Through lecture, case study, exercises, and other action teaming activities, students will be challenged to accept their roles as business advisors and to apply ethical principles and sound judgments to resolve contracting issues.

PROC or an equivalent introductory course in procurement and acquisitions management.

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PROC Pricing and Contract Integration 3 This course reinforces pricing skills taught in the basic Pricing and Negotiation course and further develops skills in pricing, cost analysis and managing contract issues. Each ITP is required to demonstrate its ability to recognize, resolve and provide advice on pricing issues.

Students will appropriately use price and cost analysis in developing pre-negotiation objectives so that a fair and reasonable cost or price position can be supported. PROC or an equivalent basic pricing course and a general understanding of the government acquisitions process.

The course focuses on existing theories and practices, with emphasis given to new and emerging topics in the field.Collective Bargaining is a kind of discussions (musyawarah) between workers or Trade Unions and the Management in order to arrive at or conducting collective bargaining requires negotiation skills and .


DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES INDIAN HEALTH SERVICE ARTICLE 8 MID-TERM BARGAINING ARTlCLE 9 NEGOTIATED GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE to the process of negotiations, nor doe it substitute for bargaining s obligations under the statute.

In Selfridge the agency refused to enter mid-term negotiations with the union, which represented the employees, over safety concerns of bargaining unit employees relating to a prior staffing reduction in the agency's boiler plant operations.

Read this essay on 12 Angry Men Negotiation Analysis. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. 12 Angry Men PROC , Negotiations, Midterm Case Analysis 12 Angry Men Case 12 Angry Men is a gripping drama that depicts twelve American jurors confined to a jury room on a hot and humid summer day to decide the.

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5 pages. Negotiation Case 2_ Joe Tech and Robust Routers - Role 1. 4 pages. In addition. independent evaluation of their case from a neutral third party.

jointly selected by the Case Study An alternative dispute resolution method in which the disputant parties select a neutral party to help them reconcile their differences by facilitating communication and suggesting ways to solve their problems.

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