Project pat twerk

Currently Houston is a member of a mini-hip hop group The Kaze he joined the group in the same year that the album entitled "KamiKaze Timez Up" was released. After serving several years in prison for robbery charges and disappearing from recording, he re-emerged in with the solo album Ghetty Greenreleased on his brother's Hypnotize Minds label.

Project pat twerk

Etymology[ edit ] The term has been attributed mainly to African-American slang, in which it holds various meanings. It is theorized that the use of the term came from a past-tense form of "crank", which was sometimes conjugated as "crunk" in the South, such that if a person, event, or party was hyped-up, i.

Seuss book Marvin K. He uses the term "Crunk-Car" without any given definition. Rolling Stone magazine published "glossary of Dirty South slang", where to crunk was defined as "to get excited".

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Ice-T was one of the first guests to use the word on air, as it was joked that the word was not offensive sounding enough, and Ice-T was the one person who could make it sound offensive. He later released other songs and albums using the term, and has been credited by other artists and musicians as galvanizing use of the term as well as mainstreaming the music genre itself.

Non-alcoholic drinks, to which alcohol could be added, were manufactured and marketed under the Crunk brand name, with Lil Jon as spokesman. Inthe company which manufactured "Crunk" drink brought out an alcoholic version named "Crunk Juice".

The mainstream media began publishing stories in which the term "crunk" was used to refer to "crazy and drunk" criminals. Heavy use of synthesized instruments and sparse, truncated drums are staples of the crunk sound. Looped, stripped-down drum machine rhythms are usually used.

The Roland TR and are among the most popular. The drum machines are usually accompanied by simple, repeated synthesizer melodies in the form of ostinatoto create a hypnotic effect, and heavy bass stabs.

The tempo of the music is somewhat slower than hip hop, around the speed of reggaeton.

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The focal point of crunk is more often the beats and music than the lyrics therein. Crunk rappers, such as Lil Jon, however, often shout and scream their lyrics, creating a heavy, aggressive style of hip hop.

These lyrics can often be isolated to simple chants "Where you from? While other subgenres of hip hop address sociopolitical or personal concerns, crunk is almost exclusively party music, favoring call and response slogans in lieu of more substantive approaches.

Crunk music arose from Miami bass music before [3] in the southern United States, particularly in African American strip clubs of MemphisTennessee. One of the most prominent pioneers of crunk music, Lil Jonsaid that crunk appeared as he decided to fuse hip hop and electro with electronic dance music.

Memphis -based hip hop group Three 6 Mafia were "instrumental for the emergence of the crunk style" in the mid-to-late s. Frequently featuring rappers such as Project PatLord Infamousand Gangsta Boo on their releases, they became instrumental in the formation of crunk music.

Lil Jon said that they were first to use the word "crunk" in a song hook; he claimed that they had started to call themselves a "crunk group" due to this album.

Crunk originates from African American strip clubs in Memphis, Tennessee. This is the case because of Three-Six Mafia came out of Memphis, Tennessee so their music was played local before it went nationwide.

Nevertheless, crunk was not exclusively associated with Lil Jon and Three 6 Mafia. Those two tracks performed by Usher and Ciararespectively were mainstream hits of They followed this with their hit, " Rock Yo Hips ".Sign in now to see your channels and recommendations!

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Project pat twerk

Project Pat gives the ladies more then enough reason to shake what their momma gave ’em on his new track featuring Wiz, Ty and Wale produced by KE On The Track.

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