Salaysay na paglalahad

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Salaysay na paglalahad

On a certain end, one can clearly hear the reverberating Chinese clamor for reclaiming Tibet, louder as it has been before, Salaysay na paglalahad they assert with all their souls and hearts that Tibet has long been an autonomous part of China. On the other end, one can barely hear the undying whisper of a devastated Tibet, softer as it has gone through the ages, as they proclaim with all resilience that Tibet has been a sovereign and independent state.

Given a spectrum with these two diverging extremes, placing either one or the other in the middle ground is not a viable, if not feasible, option. At this critical juncture, either you go for integration and depose the claim for independence of the other, or you go for total independence coupled with self-determination and denounce the measures for integration of the other.

The subject has already bewildered a legion of curious and great minds as the complexity of the question and its answer is far beyond what words could utter.

Should this predicament remain unsolved, the present situation will just result in depressing repercussions which will make things much complicated as the course of events is in the present.

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The former sections of this paper tackled substantially the past and present socio-political history of Tibet. A sheer amount of light has been shed in this matter because this will prove to be a great help in tipping the scales of this analysis and deriving an array of conclusions with regard to the issues being resolved.

Indeed, that a larger portion of this paper has been devoted to the insinuation of Tibetan history underscores the paramount significance of its contribution in the generalizations which will be laid down hereafter.

After all, it is history which can best serve as a witness to all events which transpired in a nation.

Pagsasalaysay o Paglalahad by Arnel Jr. Clavero on Prezi

But before going on the important facts and points, let this be clarified first: Events after events unfold as time passes by. Some of these events may be essential while others may even be more relevant in relation to the issue.

However, all of these events cannot just be identified and included in this paper. On the other note, it is supposed that a few pages will be sufficient to answer some basic questions which can somehow pour enlightenment on some confused minds.

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Once again, enumerated herein are the questions which shall answered by this study: By Virtue of Fallacious Historical Arguments: Further, it was considered as one of the mightiest powers in Central Asia.

As for its conduct of international relations among states, ample evidences can be drawn from numerous bilateral treaties, agreements and conventions concluded by Tibet between and among various sovereign states including China. All throughout this time, Tibet was sovereign and not under the influence of any foreign control [3].

Salaysay na paglalahad

The genesis of the Mongol Empire came sooner. As it has been narrated earlier, the Tibetan leaders during that time, adhering to its policy of nonviolence, established a Cho-yon relationship among the Mongol Khans and Princes.

In the passage of time, the Cho-yon relationship has been made manifest by Tibet and the Manchurian China. Again, this relationship is of sui generis type.

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In that context, one must not consider any state as superior or inferior to the other.⭐ Sanaysay - Isang anyo ng paglalahad na kinapapalooban ng pangmalas, pananaw, pagkukuro at damdamin ng may-akda ⭐ Talambuhay - Kasaysayan ng buhay ng isang nilikha ⭐ Talumpati - Salaysaying inihanda upang basahin o bigkasin sa harap ng mga taong handang makinig.

Ibang klase ang atake na ginawa ni Bob Ong sa paglalahad ng kwentong 'to. Kakaiba. At ang ganda rin ng takbo ng storya. May kurot sa puso/5().

Salaysay na paglalahad

Sa buhay, maraming mga bagay na kailangan lang namin gawin. Walang explanasyon kung bakit mahalaga ang mga ito sa amin. Para sa akin, ang mga ito ay ang nagbibigay ng sarap at laman sa ating buhay.

Sali na kayo sa pangkat na ito at tuklasin ang mga librong sinulat ng ating mga kababayan. Panahon na para hindi puro mga dayuhang aklat ang ating binabasa. Magpugay tayo sa mga Pilipinong nobelista, makata, mandudula at kwentista/5(12). Isang sanaysay na mula sa bansang Insonesia kung saan ang sinaunang kulturang batay sa paniniwala ng relihiyong Islam ay pinapahalagahan by princess_domer in Types > Creative Writing y sanaysay.

Iba't Ibang pananaw na magagamit: a. may kaisahan sa paglalahad ng mga kaisipang inilalarawan 7. distansya sa bagay na inilalarawan gaya ng agwat o layo nito b. ayon sa sariling palagay o damdamin ng naglalarawan bunga ng kanyang karanasan o ng karanasan ng ibang tao.

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