Tissot swot analysis

First, she has , July est. So the pool of potential target customers is large. More importantly, there are many licensed drivers who are our target customers there.

Tissot swot analysis

One you know your resources you can better understand your competitive advantages or weaknesses. The VRIO considers for each type of the resource the following questions called evaluation dimension both for your company and for your competitors. The dimensions of VRIO are: Value - How expensive is the resource and how easy is it to obtain on the market purchase, lease, rent.

Rareness - How rare or limited is the resource? Imitability - How difficult is it to imitate the resource?

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Organization, respectively arrangement - Is the resource supported by any existing arrangements and can the organisation use it properly? VRIO is used to assess the situation inside the organization enterprise - its resources, their competitive implication and possible potential for improvement in the given area or for a given resource.

Such an assessment is then used for example in the strategic management of development in various areas or for decision making about the advantage of an external or internal process and the securing service e.

If the resource is not valuable it should be outsourced because it brings no value to us If the resource is valuable but not rare the company is in competitive conformity. It means we are not worse than our competition, If the resource is valuable and rare but it is not expensive to imitate it, we have a temporary competitive advantage.

Other companies will try to imitate it in the near future, then we lost our competitiev advantage. If the resource is valuable, rare and is expensive to imitate it but we are not able to organizate our company, the resource become expensive for us unused incurred costs if we can manage the advantacea and we are able to organize our company and temporary competitive advantage, it becomes as permanent competitive advantage In practice, the VRIO analysis is also used in combination with other analytical techniques to help organizational management evaluate business resources in a more detailed view.

For financial resources, there are many detailed financial indicators that evaluate the financial condition or performance of the business from different perspectives.

Tissot swot analysis

Likewise, human resources, property or information are other detailed indicators of their performance, efficiency or quality. The advantage of a VRIO analysis is its simplicity and clarity.In this Situation Analysis, the focus will be on the Swatch Originals product line.


This is relevant as the Swatch Originals gives direct brand image of Swatch and it is the most familiar Swatch product line among the audience. The report analyzes various factors associated to the performance of competitive firms such as company overview, product portfolios, SWOT analysis, sales, revenue, pocket watch market shares, recent market innovations and developments, and growth strategies that depict the future market potential.

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Tissot, Calvin Klein Niché market to the rich Brands: Longines, Omega Swatch group products Renata batteries Growth rate High Low Market share low high Stars Question marks Basic Medium SWOT analysis Krajlic: Portfolio Purchasing model Low profit margin/unit (basic watches).

SWOT Analysis Strengths Swatch has a variety of strengths in its favor. The diversity of its brands help the Company to offer a wide variety of products and brands to a broad sector of the market at price points ranging from mass market to luxury.

A summary company analysis, including a financial analysis and a business segment analysis, is presented, along with an analysis of the external business environment in A summary SWOT analysis provides the background for identification of three strategic alternatives.

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