Treasury management

Disbursement Services Efficient, reliable, and secure payments—made easy. Make payments efficiently and securely, streamline account reconciliation, and expedite disbursements.

Treasury management

Treasury Management Services are built to deliver the information and tools needed to speed collections, control payments, reconcile accounts, and manage funds more efficiently.

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Treasury Management Services Tools to enhance your business. Information Services With Information Services from United Bank you get the data and insight you need to make better business decisions. More than raw numbers, we provide tools and analysis to give you a snapshot of where your business stands.

Treasury management

Capture the average ledger and collected balances, itemized activity charges, the earnings credit rate and allowance, and the Treasury management required to offset all fees. Ease and automation during the monthly reconcilement of higher volume accounts.

View account details, transfer funds, pay bills, set up useful account alerts and much more. Supplies a monthly digital file of images of checks presented for payment.

Provides an opportunity to project your cash position and maximize your investments on a daily basis.

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This unique reporting system will become your single resource to vital financial information needed for daily account reconciliation, cash flow forecasting, and cash positioning. EDI aids your company's accounting department in accurately recording payments by providing the important information attached to ACH payments.

Provides an effective reporting resource specifically designed for escrow deposits that simplify bookkeeping and tax reporting.

Collection Services United Bank Collection Services provide the resources you need to collect and manage all payments: United offers two effective methods of creating electronic debit transactions for collecting payments due to your company.

Pick-up times can be conveniently prearranged to suit your business needs and guarantees same-day credit processing to your account increasing your daily cash flow and working capital.

United Bank has strategic partnerships with TransFirst and Elavon for all of your credit card processing needs.

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Receivables are mailed directly to United Bank for processing and are deposited into your account. Our service is customizable based on the specific needs and requirements of your organization. United offers convenience and same-day credit processing to your account.

Treasury management

We also utilize added security measures for your account protection. Zero Balance Account Processing: Offers automated transfers between zero balance and master accounts providing consolidation and collection of funds. This automated process eliminates the need for manual transfers of funds between accounts.

Disbursement Services United Bank also makes it simple and easy for your business to make payments through a number of Disbursement Services: Automated Funding of Demand Deposit Accounts:A Treasury Management System (TMS) is a complex piece of software which can be used to automate, record and control many core treasury functions.

TMSs, sometimes referred to as ‘Treasury Workstations’, also act as a central database for information flowing in and out of the treasury. Treasury Management will familiarize you with the legal and political considerations and parameters within which a treasury management system addition, you will learn about banking systems and how they affect local government treasury management .

Our treasury and cash management services are focused to help you gain faster access to working capital, streamline collections, and manage payables. Cash Management Tools to Power Your Business.

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Cash flow is the fuel that powers your business. Managing your organization's cash in the most efficient way possible helps lowers costs, reduce risks, and maximize your return.

Use high-tech techniques to manage you money with Treasury Management Services from Union Bank & Trust. Explore our Treasury Management resources online. Treasury Management International showcases topical, pragmatic solutions and strategic insights on treasury, cash management, foreign exchange and other issues affecting treasury and financial professionals, together with .

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