We should not add our parents

This is a good thing — a sign of progress — and it should be applauded.

We should not add our parents

How to Write a Summary of an Article? We should not add our parents in facebook We should not add our parents as friend on backbone According to the statistic updated in yearthere are total numbers of 1. It is common to have a Backbone account, vice versa. However, It Is my view that I should not add my parents as friends on Backbone as It retrains me from being myself, Invades my privacy and makes me feel embarrassed.

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As I am a normal 18 years old teenager, I have a Backbone account too. I have added my mum as friend 3 years ago. When the first time I posted a selfless of myself on my Backbone wall, my mum mandated me to delete the photo.

There are millions type of me inside, my mum want me to be a teenager that has good image, but what I want to do is being myself.

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I think adding parents as friends on Backbone retrain me room being myself. There is no freedom to post a picture or a post on my Backbone, as parents will afraid that we have no good impression in others mind.

In addition, there are no privacy between me and my parents if I added them as my friends on Backbone account. It is because they can see whatever things you post on your Backbone wall. They will constantly stalking your page and bombarding you with questions that make you feel like you have no social life or privacy.

When you post a status written about you are feeling blue today, your parents will try to know about hat happen on you even though you choose not to tell them.

Although it is a responsibility of parent to know more about their children, but there is a wall of privacy between parent and children. As I am from different generations with my parents, we would have different views and thoughts on certain things. My parents judge me In a way that make me feel uncomfortable, misunderstood, or even worse, embarrassed as they are made fun and chastised by my friends because of Judgments made by my parents.

When they comment on each of my picture and post, they TLD notice that the comment sounds like talking to a small kid. It Is so embarrassing If my friend see what they comment.

As a result, there are many disadvantages If teenagers add their parents as friends on Backbone. Therefore, teenagers should not add their parents on Backbone.

Whether the reasons are for being themselves, privacy or image problem, they should delete their parents from the friend list. Backbone wall, my mum mandated me to delete the photo. My parents Judge me in a parents.

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It is so embarrassing if my friend see what they comment. As a result, there are many disadvantages if Related Essays.After our time in Omaha, we headed off to phase two of our summer travels – a few days in South Dakota!

Since we don’t live near any of our extended families, most of our trips have been focused on traveling to see them, but especially as our kids get older, we want to make it a priority to show them more of the world, as well. May 11,  · 6 Reasons You Should Accept Your Parents Facebook Friend Request.

Posted on May 11 I have made it clear that although we are technically friends, the relationship is strictly for observational purposes only—no commenting please. privacy settings parents facebook, pros cons parents facebook, rejection facebook, rejection. There comes a point in every young person’s life when you have to have ‘the talk’ with your parents not that talk, the ‘should we join Facebook?’ talk.

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We should not add our parents

Asked by: bauvuong. Add to My Favorites Debate This Topic; Report This Topic; Should we have to take care of our parents? 60% Say Yes 40% Say No.

We should not add our parents

Always Do You: Why You Shouldn't Follow Your Parents' Plan. My question is whether or not we owe our parents something for having raised us, for having put in the time, the effort and the care.

As we jostle with addressing our pals, exes and parents on one all-encompassing platform, for the vast majority of us, negotiating whether or not to accept a parental friend request is the million.

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