Why modern people are living longer

This is largely due to significant improvements in healthcare services, investment in medical research, and universal health coverage. In comparison, Americans born in have a life expectancy of

Why modern people are living longer

Written on November 1, by Wolverine in Corporate DespotismPseudoscience Humans live longer now than any time in known history.

Is this commonly recited statement true? From a purely statistical standpoint, the answer is simple — yes. So why do I have so many paragraphs left in this article?

Because statistics can be deceiving and without further investigation we can be led to some pretty erroneous conclusions. Statistics are based on averages, so anyone in a population that dies extremely young like an infantwill dramatically offset the figures of those who lived to a ripe old age.

The modern statistical average for the United States has been reported to be When you add in the rest of the world, that average drops to This huge drop is due to the addition of non-industrialized nations who also suffer high infant mortality rates.

Genetically, we are no different than our most ancient ancestors and they were not preprogrammed to self-destruct at the age of 40, like is so commonly believed. I would like to address three irritating myths regarding this subject or at least the ignorant arguments I have encountered when discussing this subject.

MYTH 1 Many people seem to believe that everyone dropped dead at the age of 40 — 45 prior to the 20th century. I have heard too many people confidently make this claim. They heard the statistic and simply assumed that everyone prior to the 20th century would have received their AARP membership at the age of I am joking about the AARP, but if everyone assumes that people died of natural causes at the age of 45, then certainly 25 would be considered over-the-hill and time for the depends undergarments.

Why modern people are living longer

MYTH 2 Many people credit our modern longevity to medical advancements. Other technologies have been a greater contributor to human longevity than medical. Modern medicine has helped to lengthen the lives of some people, but has also prematurely cut short many lives, considering that adverse drug reactions are the leading killer of humans in the U.

MYTH 3 Many of these same people use this statistic to support the idea that we eat healthier now and thereby live longer.

Why Modern People Are Living Longer Essay When it comes to the issue whether modern technology really benefits students' study, people's opinions differ . 5 Reasons Why People Are Living Longer Than Their Parents You are here: Home → 5 Reasons Why People Are Living Longer Than Their Parents Posted By . We are now living in the most exciting era in the history of humanity, the era of great change and accelerating innovation. People who are retiring today and who are due to retire in the next.

People died younger because they ate all that animal fat. This proves that they have not given this subject much thought or research or they would know that heart disease and cancer were very rare just years ago, so how could saturated fat be the cause of premature death?

I would assume that the average american has a difficult time understanding math and statistics. It is true that according to statistical averages, people died much younger prior to the 20th century.

But the truth is, that their lives were taken by completely different causes than today. It was not cancer, diabetes or heart disease that was killing most people in times past. So what was killing them so young? Starvation and Malnutrition Probably the single highest killer of human beings throughout history.

An In-depth Look at Life Expectancy in the United States

Due to droughts, locusts, floods, poverty and even war, food could be extremely scarce at times and millions of people died as a result. Malnourished mothers have a higher likelihood of losing their babies, so infant mortality rates were very high among the poor as was the death of mothers giving birth who were much younger than many mothers today.

It was advancements in agriculture, distribution methods and food preservation that made it possible to get the food from one location to the area where the disaster had struck. Medical advancements did less to help with this problem than did improved sanitation. When the garbage dump is located in the middle of town and human and animal excrement runs through the city streets, disease and plagues are inevitable.

Finding a clean water supply also saved millions of lives. People in the past often drank extremely contaminated water. While visiting Saint Augustine, Florida recently, we noticed that many of the houses had cisterns in the basement that were filled from drainage of rain water from the roof.

This was how they obtained their drinking water and attempted to purify it by adding chalk to the water. Many of the diseases that killed people in mass are still incurable to this day — we only prevent them by not living like pigs.Jul 29,  · People Are Living Longer, Healthier Lives, Study Says Getty In the last two decades, people have not only been living longer but they also have been staying much healthier later in life.

But the longer life span does not come automatically unless people start living a healthy life.

Why modern people are living longer

The modern world gives the opportunity to live a healthy life if someone wants to have one. All of these things mentioned above allow people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, spend more time with his family and friends and make their life longer and.

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Now we can expect to live around 75 years as a man or 80 as a woman. So one of our focuses now is in finding ways to slow down the degeneration of our cells as we live longer lives.

Americans Are Living Longer The average life expectancy in America today is higher than in any other period in history. More specifically, data from a United Nations report shows that the number of people 65 years and older rose from 8% to 12% of the total population between and Why Modern People Are Living Longer Essay When it comes to the issue whether modern technology really benefits students' study, people's opinions differ .

On the other hand the second reason that makes the people living longer is the improving of medical. People today have a good chance to live longer for this reason; the medical is improving than the past for much dangerous decease such as Cancers and black death which are the reasons for many death people for along time.

Overs in England 'living longer than ever before' - BBC News