Wikang filipino lakas ng pagka pilipino essay writer

I know nothing of them. This company sounds like capitalism on steroids to this Yankee. Your article sounds like "venting of anger". If you want to sway public opinion, hit your opponent where he has no defense and has to agree with your claims.

Wikang filipino lakas ng pagka pilipino essay writer

A Theology of Love: Why God's love is eros I wrote this article last February 14, and I am re-posting this again, albeit delayed since this year's Valentine's Day has already passed. However, my reflection will touch not just on the mere emotional aspect of love but more importantly, on its profound — or should I say theological and even philosophical aspects.

Without giving love a deeper thought and careful reflection, I might otherwise give the impression that I am talking not really about love, but rather sentiments and infatuations. But there are still times, when I still quickly fall for the magical spark brought about by mixed emotions and sentiments.

I guess, like many of us, I never really learn my lessons in life. But who does so, especially when one is caught by chance and surprise by this magical thing that enchants us all. Also, I find it timely, if not coincidental, that just recently I surprisingly unearthed from one of my bookshelves an article that I have written almost 5 years ago, in the year It was a draft of a column article I wrote for our college newspaper, however it was never published since I now remember that I withheld its publication and decided to publish a column discussing an entirely different topic.

You are reading it right. Nonetheless, even prior to this startling discovery of my unpublished opinion article, my interest and appetite for theology has been renewed once again, for a couple of weeks now. But for reasons I still do not remember, as I said earlier, I decided not to have it published.

In this world of ours where relativism seems to be the only absolute norm, the topic of love stands and shines out brightly like the stars in the sky when they are beautifully twinkling in the darkness of the night. Love, in the midst of a seemingly relativist world, is the only absolute truth that we can acknowledge and recognize with clarity and light.

Love is at the very core, if not the very essence of our existence and of our humanity in this world. For without it, we will not be here alive and moving. It is love that animates us and moves us. Love makes us whole, makes us human.

In fact, it was love that brought us into existence in this world. This fundamental truth finds affirmation in the First Letter of St. Without this gift from God, then we would be nothing.

And as the sacred Judaeo-Christian tradition shows, it was out of love and goodness that God created and fashioned us into his own image and likeness. The Book of Genesis attests to this fact; it said, recounting the first story of creation: In the image of God, he created him.

Male and female he created them. We were created and destined to be loved and be in love.

wikang filipino lakas ng pagka pilipino essay writer

Hence, we are able to love because, as what St. John says, God loved us first. The First Love We can clearly see this in the second story of creation in the Book of Genesis, which narrates to us the creation and formation of the first man and the first woman.

Despite having all the treasures of the earth at his disposal, God knew that man would not be happy by himself. That was why he caused man to go into deep sleep and while in slumber, God took flesh from his very own rib to fashion and form woman who would be his constant partner throughout his journey in life.

By creating woman — and man also — God has destined us to be united in intimate love. In another note, this act done by God is significant also because by creating woman, it only showed the feminine qualities and maternal instincts of the Divine — a loving and tender God who is always in love.The Katipunan (abbreviated to KKK) was a Philippine revolutionary society founded by anti-Spanish Filipinos in Manila in , whose primary aim was to gain independence from Spain through timberdesignmag.com society was initiated by Filipino patriots Andrés Bonifacio, Teodoro Plata, Ladislao Diwa, and others on the night of July 7, when Filipino writer José Rizal was to be banished to Dapitan.

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“Calamba: The City by the Bay” is chosen as the title of this blog spot to honor the Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Calamba being the birth place of Rizal, and now a City since April 21, ; sited at the foothills of the legendary timberdesignmag.comng, overlooking the magnificent Laguna de Bay, largest fresh water lake in the Philippines.

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Ang kaayusan ng pambansang lipunan, lalung-lalo ang sandatahang lakas at ang sistema ng edukasyon, ay hindi angkop sa mga pangangailangan. Hindi po wasto ang pagka-bahagi ng mga kakayahan sa ating mga pwersang panglupa, panghimpapawid, at pangdagat.

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