Write a c program for binary search using array

Examples The following code example shows how to use BinarySearch to locate a specific object in an Array.

Write a c program for binary search using array

Tech Interview Write a C program to perform binary search on two dimensional 2D array. Here we apply binary search on a 2D array in which every row is increasingly sorted from left to right, and the last number in each row is not greater than the first number of the next row.

However, the the primitive solution for this problem is to scan all elements stored in the input matrix to search for the given key.

But, as we can see each row in the matrix is sorted and the first element of a row is greater than or equal to the last number of the preceding row; therefore, the matrix can be viewed as a sorted one dimensional array. If all rows in the input matrix are concatenated in top down order, it forms a sorted one dimensional array.

And, in that case binary search algorithm is suitable for this 2D array. The function binSearchOnMatrix applies binary search on two dimensional matrix. Hope you have enjoyed reading C program for binary search on two dimensional arrays.

Get Free Tutorials by Email Email: About the Author Krishan Kumar is the main author for cs-fundamentals. He is a software professional post graduated from BITS-Pilani and loves writing technical articles on programming and data structures.#include #include #define MAX 20 int bsearch(int [],int,int,int); void main() {int a[10],i,t,f=0,n,l,k; int bsearch(int[],int,int,int);.

Simple Binary search code example in cpp ~ C++ Programming Tutorial for Beginners

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write a c program for binary search using array

Write a user-defined function in C++ to search for an integer from AR with the help of Binary search method, returning an integer 0 to show absence of the number and integer 1 to show presence of the number in the array. In this program, a structure (student) is created which contains name,subject and marks as its data member.

Then, an array of structure of 10 elements is created.

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A simple Binary Search Tree written in C# that can be used to store and retrieve large amounts of data quickly. A particular kind of binary tree, called the binary search tree, is very useful for storing data for rapid access, storage, and deletion. The best way to learn this is to write out the process on paper and to build a picture.

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