Writing a military letter of reprimand

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Writing a military letter of reprimand

By manager Army Regulation In accordance with Army RegulationPromotion of Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers Other Than General Officers, paragraph ; the appointment of an officer may be delayed in any case in which there is cause to believe that the officer is mentally, physically, morally, or professionally unqualified to perform the duties of the grade for which he or she was selected for promotion.

Commanders, Human Resources Command, and Office of Promotions may recommend officers for removal from a promotion list for such reasons as a referred evaluation or academic report, non-judicial punishment, a courts-martial conviction, a Letter of Reprimand or GOMOR, or other adverse information in his or her Official Military Personnel File.

Written Rebuttal For many officers and warrant officers, a promotion to the next higher grade is delayed or withdrawn due to negative information in their permanent records. In such cases, the Soldier will be given the opportunity to demonstrate to Human Resources Command that they deserve to have his or her name retained on the promotion list.

Officers should elect to submit a written rebuttal to Human Resources Command to challenge their potential removal from a promotion list. There are often a variety of arguments that a Soldier can utilize to effectively rebut their proposed denial of a promotion, including attacking the validity of the unfavorable information in their OMPF or by demonstrating to Human Resources Command that their performance and leadership traits outweigh any negative information.

Soldiers should not let the opportunity for promotion slip their hands without a fight. Contact us today for a Free consultation.GOMOR (General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand) What Is a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand? A General Officer Memorandum (or letter) of Reprimand (GOMOR) is a memorandum written to a soldier The significance of a GOMOR is that it can become part of one of your military files.

It can be filed. AFRD-CG MEMORANDUM FOR Command Sergeant Major John N. Doe, d Military Police Brigade, Camp Arifjon, Kuwait, APO AE SUBJECT: Memorandum of Reprimand.

Not all writing has to be for Awards, Performance Reports, Decorations, or Disciplinary. Sometimes it is very useful for positive reinforcement. Air Force Instruction (AFI) establishes how to manage documents for the Unfavorable Information File (UIF) program, Control Rosters, Letters of Reprimand (LOR), Letters of Admonishment (LOA), and Letters of Counseling.

writing a military letter of reprimand

Letter of Reprimand Example. AFRD-CG MEMORANDUM FOR Command Sergeant Major John N. Doe, d Military Police Brigade, Camp Arifjon, Kuwait, APO AE Within ten days of your receipt of this memorandum, you may provide to me, in writing, any information in rebuttal that you wish me to consider.

You will acknowledge receipt . Military Religious Freedom Foundation Protecting the Constitutional Guarantee of Separation of Church and State in the United States Military.

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