Youth business plan in pakistani

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Youth business plan in pakistani

These young innovative Pakistani minds are increasingly making inroads into technologically advanced ways, resultantly, life is going to get a whole lot easier. Payload Payload's Amin Shah Gillani. A recent graduate of the Lahore School of Economics, Muhammad Amin, has founded Payload — an app that is introducing Bitcoin technology to Pakistani users.

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency used to verify and transfer funds. It's fast and cheap, with minimal transactional fee. Pakistan is a predominantly cash economy, where many people are not comfortable making payments via credit cards which makes Payload extremely relevant here.

The start-up is planning to create awareness drives for university students to educate them about this improved way of transacting. Want to find a healthcare professional?

It is the easiest way to find a doctor.

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Founded by partners Hamza Iqbal and Harris Durrani, this mobile app is currently in its developmental phase. You can, however, book your appointments through their website, and rate your experiences too. It charges a nominal Rs. While the website currently deals with dentists only, the platform will soon bring various specialists on-board.

So far, it has signed up more than 80 dentists. And the best thing is; only PMDC-certified doctors can register on the website. Healthwire verifies doctors through their registered numbers. At the moment, the app can segment by gender and location only, but more sub-specialties like cardiology and neurology are set to be included soon, now patients can easily filter doctors according to their needs.

Dockit Dockit — Muhammad Uns' team. While there is no shortage of discount cards available in the market, Dockit is doing something different.

It is offering discounts for up to 12 months, and charging a membership fee of Rs. If it is able to acquire 50, users per year, well, you can do the math. It is currently seeking endorsements from various fashion brands.

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The start-up has successfully taken vendors on-board. It will also offer a free voucher magazine for its customers that will cover categories ranging from electronics to apparel, groceries and food. It is now in talks with Oppo and Haier. As far as competition from e-commerce giants like Daraz.

youth business plan in pakistani

It plans to integrate with both and offer their customers an additional discount, if they choose to buy from Daraz. Meezaj Meezaj's Ahmed Izhar. With a catchy tagline 'My Fashion, My Meezaj', Meezaj aims to cut the middleman out and connect fashion designers directly with customers. Once it is up and running in January, it will serve as a platform for professional growth to talented young fashion designers from various universities who seek to develop their own brand name and business.

Meezaj has already taken nine fresh designers on-board and will also be organising fashion shows in the near future. You would be surprised to know that Meezaj has already got popular brands like Charcoal, Coogar and Hadiqa Kiani hooked, and will charge them a 10 per cent commission if their products are sold through the portal.A business plan consists of a narrative and a few financial worksheets, all edited into a smooth-flowing document.

youth business plan in pakistani

Use experts’ assistance, particularly for financial workings, if possible. First five decades.

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Pakistan was a middle class and predominantly agricultural country when it gained independence in Pakistan's average economic growth rate in the first five decades (–) has been higher than the growth rate of the world economy during the same period.

32K What the Centre has announced as initial aid is a good amount, says Pinarayi Vijayan. Do you want to find SMEDA Pakistan Website, Download Business plan Templates, Feasibility Report PM Youth Small Business Loan Scheme? is the official website in Pakistan that covers the whole material of Prime Minster Small business loan scheme.

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This Act shall be called the Pakistan Penal Code, and shall take effect throughout Pakistan. .


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